Friday, August 12, 2011

400 Hours

Keri Geddes in Earthkiller
Y'know, the IA is basically encouraging its members to work more dangerous overtime with the 400 hours-till-healthcare rule they're implementing.

Crumple Pop seems to think that magically everything will be OK with Final Cut Pro X.

"It’s tempting to speculate about the heated internet reaction to FCP X and the psychology behind it."

Right. What's not tempting, however, is to actually look at why FCP X isn't in any professional environments right now. Maybe I'm just getting tired of being told I have a psychological problem with FCPX rather than a logistical one.

What am I really doing? I'm avoiding writing a screenplay. I'm on page 42 of the rewrite. If this screenplay doesn't get finished this weekend I'm going to have a conniption.


Jeff said...

Write for volume! Eff quality! Quality can come later! YOU can DO it!

Motivational speeches are discounted to $999.99 when delivered online. You're welcome.

Stop reading this! Write!

Andrew Bellware said...

Am I allowed to write while drunk? That would solve most of my problems.