Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sund Sund Sundrical!

  • I found myself cleaning the bathroom at Theatresource today. There can be only one explanation for this behavior -- I'm trying to avoid work. 

Well, that and the fact the sink was really gross.
But the cold hard reality is that I clean when I don't want to do stuff.
Today's stuff I don't want to do is finish a screenplay and get the deliverables of Earthkiller out the door.
The quality control check for the movie found a couple of "holes" in composites. We found an extraneous bit of dialog (for which we blame Nat Cassidy because... because it's my blog and I can blame him for whatever I want on my blog. Oh, by the way, his play The Eternal Husband is playing a the Fringe this year, you should come see it. It stars the exciting and vivacious Karen Sternberg who is in Battle: New York, Day 2 and is stage-managed by the Martian Queen).
In the meantime I'm waiting on renders.

  • We have a new General Manager at Theatresource. Stop on my and meet Jill!
  • Brian Schiavo is shooting a new picture. It stars our lovely (and yet monsterous!) Virginia Logan. Check out stills from the first weekend of shooting.

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