Saturday, August 27, 2011

Marry Me

Emily Plant's spoiler-filled critique of Cowboys and Aliens is pretty spot-on.
One Red Cent Trying to Make Sense is a really well written blog by a sitcom stand-in. I'm nominally against using standins myself, but if you're really going to use them you should have pros. Anyway, her writing style is really amusing and witty. Unlike, say, mine. ;-)
You'll be surprised to learn this artist has a Deviant Art page.

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Penny said...

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for posting the link to my blog page!

Not sure how you found me or that you have any respect whatsoever for my humble job, but glad that you at least appreciate my writing.

Best to you,

Andrew Bellware said...


Regular readers of this blog (there's a small cadre of micro-studio-esque filmmakers) know that we tend to not have "first team" and "second team". If we need someone to stand in for lighting -- we make first team do it! ;-)

So as a fellow worker I respect your job just fine. As a producer I want to make the leads be their own stand-ins. Now, admittedly y'all on multi-camera shoots have somewhat different problems than single-cam features so if I were producing a multi-cam comedy I might change my mind butt-quick! (Is "butt-quick" even right? I bet it's "but-quick" but "butt-quick is funnier.)

Penny said...

Thanks Andrew - I appreciate the "props"! :)

Oddly, on multi-camera sit-coms lighting is not usually a big part of my job unless we're on location or the DP is moderately inept on stage. (My lawyer says I have to protect myself from disclosing any names...)

Mostly I'm employed as cheap labor to perform in lieu of Day Players that the Networks don't want to compensate for an entire week.

But hey, leave the circus? I think NOT! :)

Thanks again, and best wishes on your ventures,

Andrew Bellware said...

Useless DP's are a particular irritant of mine! ;-)
Ah, you know I did presume you were standing in for the REGULARS rather than the day players. And yes I read your entire blog and didn't realize that.
But leave the circus? Man, this is the wrong crowd to talk to about LEAVING the circus! My studio is in the back of a theater in New York, so I'm a step away from the greasepaint and the trapeze every day! ;-)

Penny said...

Well put, Andrew! :D

And you're also right in that I do have to stand-in for the regulars on our camera-blocking day, moving around like a trained monkee from mark to mark on the floor while cameras set shots.

On my last show they had us do all the dialogue for cameras and line cues of when to move/reset. Meanwhile, my current show seems content to just have us stare mutely at each other. (???) Go figure... But I still love the biz! :)

And hey, watch out for the elephants!!! :D


Andrew Bellware said...

It's not the elephants themselves you have to worry about, it's what they leave, er, behind. ;-)

Penny said...

Copy that! ;-)

And nice to make your acquaintance. :)


Andrew Bellware said...

And thanks to you too!
Keep livin' the dream.
Stay out of elephant poo. ;-)