Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Three Things Today

From the "Blog No One Sees":
Hey filmmakers, free advice: If you need more than 30 seconds of narration to set up your movie, your script sucks.
I don't understand unicode. I'm sure it's not terribly complex. Yet for whatever reason, I don't understand it. For instance, I don't understand when it appears sometimes, in some browsers, and not others. I'm sure it has to do with what fonts are loaded. Or something.

Lasting Art at 101 W. 28th Street is where you get your fake fruits and vegetables.


Kangas said...

Ha, it's so obvious it's really not a tip, you know? Is there anybody that sits at the beginning of a movie and goes: "I hope there's some narration at the beginning."

Even narration with images ain't great. (See: Sorceror's Apprentice)

Andrew Bellware said...