Monday, August 29, 2011

Tell Your Friends

If you're one of the hundreds of producers who lost your last performances of a Fringe show this weekend because of the hurricane and you want to do those shows, call Theatresource and get yourself a Development Series show.
The way our Development Series works is different for different days of the week. If you're doing a weekend show then normally you guarantee $450 of ticket sales. Then MTS takes all ticket revenue up 'till $600 and then you get anything above that. If you have a sold-out show of 50 seats at $18 a ticket you can walk home with a clean $300. (50 seats are $18 a piece or $900. If you sell 25 seats then you can paper the house or do whatever you like but MTS will take the door and we'll call it even.
It's a pretty good deal. Ain't nobody else offering it.
That's right, do theater without putting money up-front and have a chance at making some cash at the end of the night.
What could be even better than that?
How about this: you get more than the 30 minutes the Fringe gives you for tech.
But wait! There's more!
The numbers I'm quoting above are the higher numbers for a weekend show. We have lower minimum guarantees on other nights. And we hold a special place in our hearts for Fringe people who lost their shows.
So look, I'm not offering this officially. Call or write or come on down and visit our General Manager Jill and work out a deal.
Make some theater!

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