Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Logo Res Mix Way

Is it even theoretically possible for me to have enough hard drives? I feel like I'm buying them all the time. It also seems that we've all but abandoned making videotapes. There are some markets which still insist on DigiBeta but ProRes422 is becoming the new standard.
This honestly saves us a lot of time and money.
I'm doing a brand new mix on Clonehunter. We're re-delivering the picture because we have a new distributor. So we're working on a new mix and taking care of a couple blips and plops on the video. This process seems to be going smoothly.
I think we're going to be able to shoot big chunks of Dragon Girl on the Greenway in Metuchen and out at my parent's place in Princeton.
I got a Mac keyboard for my PC. As far as I know there are no non-Apple versions of the sexy little Apple keyboard. The only real trouble I have is remembering "cmnd+shift" vs "cntrl+shift" or whatever. Other than that, it is really nice.
I'm still stresserizing over the new logo design.

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