Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Ophelia, You're Breakin' My Heart

We got a new computer today. A 2.7 GHz i7 with whatever animal Apple named their latest operating system with.
My dad gave me the monitor he had which absolutely would not work and always looked terrible. And, of course, for me it works just fine. Note that I'm using a Mac with DVI instead of VGA. Maybe that's the difference? Who knows? Anyway, that saved me a few hundred bucks and it's right pretty.
Ophelia the new generation Mac Mini.
I've come up with some rules for computers. This is by far not a comprehensive list, but it's a nice start.

  • Keep stuff off the desktop. Be very minimalist with the desktop and keep it uncluttered. Most of the data is going to want to go somewhere very specific so you can find it easily. 
  • Don't let your browsers put files in your "downloads" folder. That's a stupid place for stuff to go. You'll lose the files and they'll eventually start taking up way too much room.
  • Don't use Safari. I don't know why but Safari is just messed up on all of my Macs. So avoid it. We never have problems with Chrome or Firefox. Heck, I'd rather you used Opera than Safari. Just delete that program from the dock.

There. Those are my rules for today. Downloading Gimp and Blender. O! that there were an open source Final Cut and AfterEffects. What a noble mind is here o'erthrown.

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