Monday, July 09, 2012

My Notes for Today

  • Tomorrow I am going to get some work done on The Imaginary Opera. 
  • Tom is going to work on the last Dragon Girl rewrite (I know, I keep saying we're at the last rewrite but I swear...) 
  • I'm rendering out an 1800 frame thing which we'll be using as the opening to The Prometheus Trap. 
  • An update on our new computer, Ophelia. Ophelia is a Mac Mini. I went for the Mini because I figured that there were a lot of advantages to being able to stay in Final Cut Pro at least for another year. And if we decided to switch over to PC's, we'd be able to do that do. Ophelia is an i7-based computer, and for $49 I ordered 8GB of RAM from Amazon. The computer is reportedly substantially faster than the quad-core Xeon Power Mac that's in the office. It's not faster than my dual-quad-core with updated graphics, but it's also 1/3 the price. 
  • The new office setup seems to be working. Nobody's that enthused about it but nobody is griping either. I like it. 

  • 1800 frames at a minute-forty a frame. Render on.

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