Friday, November 01, 2013

Celtx Scheduling

For the last few movies now we've been using the free program Celtx for scheduling movies, not just writing the screenplays.
I'm pleasantly surprised at how good the program is at dealing with schedules. I mean, I realize that on this movie we're shooting I've showed up on set having no idea how we're going to shoot some things. But that's my fault, not the scheduling software.

But Celtx could be even more perfect. Yes. There's further for it to go. 
Things I wish Celtx would do:
  • More easily combine duplicated characters. I don't know why characters get duplicated. I wish they wouldn't. But it would be nice if they would easily "combine" back together again so you didn't have duplicates all over the place. 
  • Do automatic page counts of scenes. You know. In 1/8th pages. Just like they do in the big time. 
  • Do a strip-board of scenes. Just because sometimes it's easier to see scenes like that. 
  • Automatically print sides based on what's on the call sheet. And automatically print them in that sexy half-page booklet size too. Just to save on ink and trees.

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