Sunday, November 17, 2013

Your Three Things

Does anyone have a spare $25,000 I can have so I can get one of these Freefly M10's?

Stu Maschwitz on coloring.

John J. Bruno on producing guerrilla-style. I'm trying to count the number of things in his post which we straight - up do the opposite way. We don't pay our grips, we make our lighting director order lunch and do props without paying her, we consider budgets (and revenues) to be public knowledge and we absolutely never at any time ask anyone to sign an NDA. In fact, I want people to sign a "I will post many pictures to Facebook and Tumbl and whatever" agreement.


JB Bruno said...

Well, there are certainly many ways to make a movie - glad you found a different way that works - looks like you are prolific - and the important thing is you aren't talking about making movies - you are making them. Congrats!

Andrew Bellware said...

And note that I don't say we do it a BETTER way. Just that we do them the opposite.
Which is way not always better. ;-)

Blogger said...

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