Saturday, November 23, 2013


I sold a couple things on eBay.
One thing that's cool is that between eBay and PayPal the whole selling process is relatively easy.
Firstwise is that eBay now automatically figures out what category your item should be in based on previous similar items. That makes life much easier.

In the world of selling audio stuff people like to know the serial numbers just in order to be sure things haven't been stolen. So I always include the serial numbers.
Also it's nice to tell a little story about the item. Folks like that.

Betty White. If you're bored by the rest of this post, here is Betty White.
I even spelled the name of this thing wrong. Yeah. I know. It's because I was thinking "Philosopher's Stone" instead of "Philosopher King". So sue me. It still ended up in the right category and showed up under the correct searches.

But the thing that make my life the easiest is that eBay/PayPal will print out your mailing labels. I mean, you can even buy the postage (you know, through PayPal) and it prints out everything so you can just drop it off.
I thought I had to take the packages to the window. Turns out I don't. I did. But I didn't have to.
All in all a fairly painless process. Hopefully the buyers will be happy.

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