Friday, December 06, 2013

All the Young Girls Love Alice

The BBC series Luther is shot strangely. I mean singles on the wrong side of the frame, eyes-in-the-middle-of-the-frame strangely. Either the first season was much more like that, or I got used to it in subsequent seasons, but it's rather weird.
This isn't even a terribly egregious frame as it goes. But it shows the "wrong side" well.
The show is rather well-written but it squanders female characters like crazy. And I do mean "squander" -- not "makes uninteresting". Lady Jessica is a fantastic "police captain". Is it a spoiler to say...? Why yes. It's a minor spoiler to point out that between the first and second seasons...
Weird "eyes-in-the-middle" thing.
 ... she disappears. Never to be seen again. Not a plot thing. Maybe the actor just took off? Who knows? But she was a good and interesting police captain who was a woman and really one could go on and on about how she was a female character but in command but without that "never let them see you cry" ethos. I mean, it's a gazillion interesting.
But now I'm done watching Luther and I can get back to work.


Joe Falcon said...

I think the composition is to give the impression of a skewed perspective view of everyone, no one in that series is straight up without motive.

BBCs format is much like Japan, the series is a standalone, so some characters do not return. So it's possible she didn't make it back or was redundant, they make these things on a budget that would make US show creators laugh.

Still way more then those in the micro-indie will ever see budget wise.

Andrew Bellware said...

Yeah, it's clearly deliberate. It's interesting.