Monday, April 20, 2009


I picked up a Nikon E2 extension tube from Adorama on Sunday. 15 bucks. I have no idea yet how close that'll let us get to a subject with the Nikon.

Also, I don't know what codec we'll use for the next movie (Clonehunter). I'm thinking DVCPRO HD. One advantage is that if we shoot any of the movie with the HVX200 then we can keep the codecs all identical-like.

If I wanted to use my new Nikon lenses on the HVX with the Letus adapter I'd have to get a Nikon mount. That would be another hundred bucks.

I'm in a very complainy mood about how our government hates small businesses. For instance, the State of California just created some production incentives in the way of a 20% tax break for films with a budget over $1 million. Thanks CA -- way to screw the little guy!

New York's tax incentive programs were all written to ensure that no micro-budget programs could partake -- specifically by requiring a certain number of days which the productions must spend at one of the few big sound stages in New York.

Pride and Prejudice the comic. Er. Without zombies.

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