Sunday, April 05, 2009

Holy Cow -- The Spirit

The Spirit.

It's a bad movie.

The performances are spectacularly bad. I mean Jr. High School level bad. And these aren't terrible actors to start with -- not at all. So it has to be completely tone-deaf directing. Where the hell was everyone who's supposed to keep this from happening?

Holy cow.

Seriously, this has to be one of the worst pictures by a major studio (well, major independent) in many many years.

The story is bad too.

I couldn't even figure out where things "amped up" and the stakes got higher. Maybe that's because I was so bored I was reading reddit or something. I guess it had something to do with The Spirit drinking some blood but by then I just didn't care because the flashback sequence, which I swear took 30 minutes, just bored me to tears.

Try Bill Cunningham's review.

Visually the movie is very interesting though. I almost wish it stayed in that look it started in -- the extreme black & white.

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