Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Mitchell has been doing research today. Which is good, because I want to shoot the spaceship interiors of Clonehunter with a Nikon D90 because I want the interior lights built into the set to blow out more. I don't want to light the set(s) in Forked River at all. I want to use the built-in lights the way they were designed (for a faster camera). We'll see if that's possible with the D90.

Here's how to enable multicore processing in Apple's Compressor.

This is a Too Much Too Soon fix for the Nikon D90 "stairstepping" issue. I'm a fan of the TMTS plugins.

Now someone might just fix the D90's "jellycam" issues.

It's 87.6 miles from NYC to Forked River, NJ (according to Google Maps). They say it'll take an hour and 44 minutes. That sounds about right from our experience.

If you need your mind blown, check out these pictures of Saturn and moons.

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