Monday, April 13, 2009

Knowing Things

Now we know things. Specifically we know how many days each character has on set. You'll notice that on a scheduled 16-day shoot that the first two characters have 15 and 16 days respectively. The next character has 11 days. And the character(s) in fourth place have four days on. 

Do I believe this schedule is infallable? No. I believe that we're going to ask our two main characters, Cain and Rachel, to come back once or twice to shoot some little thing we hadn't gotten. 

But we can estimate our food budget now. We know we're going to have about 75 actor/days for the shoot plus about 50 crew/days for a total of 125 man/days (that's better than the 160 man/days we had on Alien Uprising even though AE was only a 12-day shoot). 

I suspect we're going to do some fancy tricks with lighting and possibly bluescreen for the bar and club scenes and otherwise just shoot them in my apartment. (I better get curtains.)

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