Sunday, June 28, 2009


Following some blogs now, at the fault of Bill Cunningham, Christopher Sharpe is a horror filmmaker and apparently the other person who uses an Ambient slate, Brea Grant is an actor, also from Texas.*

The latest news on movies we've made and are making:
  • Presumably there are "catalog" sales in the works of Millennium Crisis, Solar Vengeance, and Alien Uprising
  • Presumably we have another Alien Uprising sale in another market we've yet to sell to
  • The main data drive for Alien Uprising up and died. It was an Iomega drive. Kaput. No warning. I keep a backup in another state (no kidding) so we ordered another drive for a hundred bucks and made a copy this week. For a 100% drive failure the whole episode wasn't nearly as gut wrenching as one would expect.
  • We have a surprising amount of Clonehunter edited. Maduka wants to have a whole cut complete by the time he leaves for vacation in July. I think that's too ambitious 'cause I see him falling asleep at his computer. Somebody get him a cat.**
  • I have pictures like this to show me what stuff in space actually looks like. Am fighting the great fight to make all the CG look photo real in Clonehunter. That's part of the reason we stay inside the ship mostly...
  • If I never had to compose the score for a film again it wouldn't be too soon.
*You know, a sentence this convoluted really would tend to indicate that I am not a terribly great editor. But the fact is I'm a pretty good editor and that 1. these blog posts are unedited and 2. I actually talk like this.
**If Maduka had a cat he'd be worse than my dad as far as treating it like it were a guest. My dad can't even check his email anymore because the cat has decided that my dad's office chair is his favorite place to sleep.


Christopher Sharpe said...

Thanks for following. I've been reading your blog for quite awhile now (also thanks to Cunningham). I've found a lot of great camera and After Effects resources here, so keep 'em coming. The movies are looking great as well.

Andrew Bellware said...

I can't wait to see Spiderbabies!

How do you like that Ambient? Those lights which kick on for two frames when the clapper comes down saves us all the time.