Thursday, June 25, 2009

Plague Digital

It's amazing to me the quality of the work that's out there. I just read Jeffrey Somers' Digital Plague (after fighting with the widget). I'm impressed by just the quality of the writing and the editing for something which is free online and put out there in the hopes that someone who reads it will either 1. get really annoyed with the interface and just buy the damn book or 2. read it, like it, and buy other books by the same author.

I wish more screenplays were this good. I think the trouble there is that you have some degree of freedom when writing a novel about the structure and so forth of the novel. A screenplay really is much more specific in its needs. Comparing a screenplay to a novel is a bit like comparing a Sonnet to free verse. Also, a screenplay isn't actually the finished version of the work -- it's just a blueprint and lots and lots of details will must needs be filled in later.

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