Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Revenge of the Aliens

John Scalzi cracks me up.
"Chimpanzees, dogs and certain species of squid have all developed a theory of mind — you can too, if you try. We’re all rooting for you out here."

Oh and look, the preliminary artwork for the Japanese version of Alien Uprising -- "Alien Revenge." This is from the press release from our distributor there (the original requires Japanese fonts in your Acrobat Reader.) The movie will be out in August of this year*

*My Japanese is so bad "How bad is it?" No really, all I know is what little I remember from taking two years of high school Chinese 25 years ago. I keep forgetting which is "sun" and which is "moon". Oh wait, the word they use for "Japan" must be "sun" so the other one must be "moon" or "month". OK. Yeah. August.

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