Friday, June 26, 2009


A bit of a short film, Man vs Woman. Comes with robots and dinosaurs. Makes me feel even more strongly that the one dang thing we have to do is get our vfx up to snuff.

Now for some spoilers regarding the novel Digital Plague by Jeffrey Somers.


I mean, I'm going to tell you the end of the book so this is your last warning.

Zombies. And the best, most coherent zombie idea yet. There's an engineered nanobot plague which kills (nearly) everyone. The second stage of the plague -- after the victim dies -- is for the nanobots to repair the body they have eaten away using the no-longer-needed brain tissue of the victim. Then the nanobots control the corpse and presumably (we never get this far in the book) the victim looks for the specialized food the nanobots feed on: human brains. This explains why zombies want human brains and why they don't attack one another.

Right? I know.

But why did the major decide to buck the hierarchy and take Avery to Paris when she in fact was in no danger at all because she was an avatar?

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