Monday, June 22, 2009

Tuesday Already

Magic Lantern is hacking the Canon D5. If they can get the frame rate to 23.987fps then I sell my Panasonic and my Letus adapter.*

Interview with economist Paul Samuelson. Regarding Greenspan's idiotic following of Ayn Rand: "You can take the boy out of the cult but you can't take the cult out of the boy."

23 HOURS is the story of a vampire invasion in a women's prison. To which I say "Yes!!"

David Wellington wrote the fantastic Monster Island about the zombie takeover of New York City. Boy, I'd love to do a zombies in post-apocalypse New York City movie one day. I suspect that the rights to Monster Island are all tied up...

The Letus adapter has to go back to the shop where it was made in order to get fixed up. Since the Great Fall of the Camera it has developed an intermittent problem with the vibrating motor.

When you read Joe Gage's blog you will see many naked men. You'll also see stuff like this:



Chance Shirley said...

** Watch out for rolling shutter on the Canon.

Andrew Bellware said...

I want a Penelope with a digital back. Can I have one now? Please?