Thursday, July 05, 2007

Evil is Always Beautiful

Sure, I think that Chance is cool because he has some cool guns.

But now we gots cool guns too, thanks to Brian Schiavo and... um... Nerf...

Yeah Interplanetary, take THAT! ;-) Angry Planet is gonna rock you! 'Cause we're gonna have LOTS of guns! And lightsabres! And Nerf! ... um... Yeah!!

(Well, of course, they do have cool spacesuits. I don't think we have cool spacesuits.
Oh sigh...)
But our guns can get twice as long! Just look!

The title of this post came from an email round-robin between Brian, Laura, and me. "They're beautiful." "They look really evil." "Evil is always beautiful."


Chance Shirley said...

Those look great! Are they really built off Nerf guns?

Andrew Bellware said...

Yes, it's a Nerf!. There's a whole community of Nerf modders out there. Our entire armament will be courtesy of Nerf!
You're settin' the bar pretty high there Chance -- I gotta keep up!

Chance Shirley said...

Nerf modders -- I had no idea. I am so out of the loop. I never would have thought of doing that, but the results are impressive.