Tuesday, July 31, 2007


This blog is going to a hell of randomness and arbitraritude.

Oh wait, no, that's where it started.

Today is post-op day one. I feel kinda puffy. (That was my attempt at making the word "puffy" seem... well... "puffy".)

Here's a piece of concept art which is a bit better than its execution, but kinda an interesting Athena-esque costume design. From the short film Razorsharp. (This movie itself doesn't seem to be available online anywhere.)
In any case, the design is almost always shinier than the execution (except possibly in the case of Underworld) The best part of the design is the collar, which they lost completely in the actual costume. And obviously the original design was more PVC-ish than the more Spandex-y base they ended up with. The kneecaps are kinda nice though.

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