Sunday, July 08, 2007

Necrosis 6(a)

We got a test DVD of Millennium Crisis from Pop Cinema and it basically looks great. I'm not happy with my dialog edit and mix -- one can hear the noise "riding" up and down with the dialog in a couple shots. More than a couple shots. A number of scenes, in fact. It's all my fault.

And sometimes the cut-off of dialog in a scene is kinda harsh. I know, I know, we already sold the movie. Still, I wish I had one more opportunity to work on it. Sound problems make me tense!

Today went to a rock quarry in New Jersey. Ransom and Kinsey were shot here. I think. Update: I'm wrong, those movies were shot elsewhere. I don't know what was shot here, but with some clever mattes and Photoshop work this would be perfectly adequate for Angry Planet.

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