Monday, July 09, 2007

More et. al.

Here's an interesting Ralph McQuarry pre-production sketch of Han Solo and Princess Leia from some movie. I'm thinking it's an interesting idea for what our Corvette - Class combat android Athena might wear in Angry Planet.

Here's some text of an invitation to someone to act in the movie just to show you what kind of people we are:

"There is, of course, no pay.

It looks right now like the role is a 9-day commitment (although the schedule could change slightly). We will feed you, and transport you to any set which is more than a subway-train away. The role does involve nudity, a love-scene with an un-as-of-yet-cast "Kyle", possibly some light bondage (which Babish uses to keep her on the examining table -- I'm thinking a collar and a chain), being knocked out by a computer-generated robot, and being licked by an android.*

We're scheduled to shoot in September. We have to secure locations (abandoned industrial buildings, some interiors, a rock quarry) before we can be more specific about our schedule. Some shooting will likely be on weekdays, some on weekends.

We will give you some small solace in that if the picture should do really well you'll receive some part of a percentage of what we get (in a very well written-out contract.) You can also get digital files or whatever else you might desire for your acting reel. Above all we'll have fun with some fabulous actors and make a good movie!

*For some reason I feel like I'm writing a Craig's List ad."

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