Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ProLost, Blurs, Truth in Advertising

ProLost: A tale of three blurs

My brain is getting close to exploding. So, we're not supposed to use Gaussian Blur now? Gee whiz.

I'm reading this book by Stu Maschwitz. More about that... soon.

But here's another link: http://prolost.blogspot.com/2006/10/corona.html

Like I said, my brain's going to explode.

In any case, here's some of what Laura (whom I'm envious of because she just got cast as a neurotic New Jersey housewife in some video game) wrote to an actor regarding casting:

"To come clean with you right from the start, this is an
extreme-low-budget, non-SAG production. There's no pay up front, but
there's a schedule of payments on the back end that would kick in if
the film sells really well."

Notice we say "sells really well" rather than just "sells". Continuing:

"You can check out trailers for our previous two films at
http://www.pandoramachine.com/films/. Yes, they're no-budget, but we
hope you'll agree that they have a distinctive and high-quality look.
Pandora Machine is still available at Blockbuster and Hollywood Video,
and Millennium Crisis has sold pretty well overseas and should be
available on US home video later in the year.

The new film is called Angry Planet. The script is posted at
http://www.pandoramachine.com/films/0701/. There are juicy female
roles still available: Athena (lead), Nora (supporting), and Hurka
(supporting). Athena requires some nudity and a larger time


Anthony said...

No no no! Don't talk about that yet! Veil of silence! Veil of silence! Edit! Delete! And your moment will come.

Andrew Bellware said...

What are you talking about, Anthony? The role of Athena does require nudity.

Anthony said...

Right. Yes. Of course.