Monday, October 29, 2007

Hurting my Brain

So, we're getting ready for the AFM. The rep has a hard drive filled with camera footage from the movie and their editor is working on making a new teaser.

In the meantime I'm in a crash-course on 3d animation and compositing. There is a lot of knowledge involved. Frequently I just stare at the computer in complete confusion.

I have a hitlist of robot shots I must animate and render. I'm working on number one right now. 28 more to go.

My dual-core pentium is working on a render which is taking about an hour and a half per frame. That includes rendering the motion blur and the "bokeh" blur from simulated depth-0f-field of the "camera".

And soon I'll have to learn what/how "baking" "actions" into "IPO curves" in Blender is. My guess is that to make the walk cycle of the robot work I'll need to understand that.

I used to just be a sound guy. But I don't understand sound at all. For instance, what is/are "dialog normal" (dialnorm) levels and how on earth do you measure them? Don't talk to me about average levels. I wanna know if that means RMS. I wanna know that's an average over what period of time? Is that the RMS on a Durrough meter? With reference to -31dB FS? So that's what, 0 = a theatrical 74dB SPL or something? Obviously, I'm very confused.

Where do you put your dialog levels?

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Chance Shirley said...

You bring up a good point about dialog levels. Is there a good book on audio mixing for cinema? I'm going to go see what Amazon has available...