Saturday, October 20, 2007

New Vista

I bought my third computer this year. My third Vista computer. But at least now I can turn off that obnoxious permissions thing. And I deleted Norton antivirus and put on AVG free antivirus. I put in Blender and have it running some renders. The quad-core 2.33 GHz is a bit faster than my old dual-core Pentium D. I'll know tomorrow but it seems to be rendering a frame in about 30 minutes or less, whereas the other computer rendered 34 frames in 24 hours.
I hate wireless mice. I hated them on my Mac Mini. I hate them on this new Gateway. They're always slow and inaccurate. Yuk. The keyboard works fine. I plugged in a real USB mouse which actually works.
Tonight I missed Anthony Litton's housewarming party. I feel bad.
But ooh -- this is post number 400 on this blog!

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