Monday, October 08, 2007

Solar Vengeance

Two days after wrapping principal photography on Angry Planet and the title is already changed to Solar Vengeance. The reps hate "planet" in the title because it seems too 50's B-movie. I kinda like the archaic-ness of the title, but I don't market these things.

A funny thing happened on the last day of photography. We managed to not bring the lead actor's wardrobe from New Jersey to New York where we were shooting. So we had no costume for Daryl. So he went across the street to the Salvation Army and found almost the identical shirt (black, with Nehru collar) and pants, for $7 a piece. I would have never noticed that they were different.

That's almost as lucky as we got with the weather. Every day has been perfect and sunny. If the exterior days we scheduled at the beginning of the shoot had been cloudy we'd have been screwed.

Laura reminded me that we didn't shoot a series of West's side of a "telephone call" in the movie. Oops. We were to have shot that last week but we ran out of time. And Daryl shaved his beard within minutes of us wrapping on Sunday. And I'm returning the Sound Devices 702 tomorrow. I think we'll just record the audio and have Daryl stand in front of a window all blown out and blurry.

Today is the last day of the Audio Engineering Society show in New York. I'm a-gonna run down and look at expensive stuff I can't afford and then get to:
1. Make additional backup of camera original material (we have a backup in New Jersey and in Brooklyn)
2. Edit the robot fight
3. Nap

Not necessarily in that order.


Laura, Queen of Mars said...

And we also need to reshoot the happy ending with Kyle and Maleyna, using the wardrobe they wore yesterday. Right?

Andrew Bellware said...

We didn't think the ending was happy enough with them as we shot it? I know we were rushed, but I figured we were happy -- they never go outside.

Oh, could we have a more detailed conversation using "comments" on this blog which NOBODY other than the two of us will understand until the movie comes out?