Saturday, October 06, 2007


Today we wrapped Angry Planet. (Our rep wants to change the name to Colony 6. I'm not sure I like that name too well, it's kinda static ain't it?)
We shot in 10 days.

114 page script.

That was hard.

Today we killed Daryl and Ben Thomas and Jef Betz and Maduka Steady.

My whole body aches.

The stage was littered with bodies like the end of a Shakespeare tragedy. Not quite like Titus Andronicus, but more like Hamlet.

And we had the writer Mac Rogers on set. Which was good, because we cut a sequence which was unnecessary after killing Ben Thomas.

Jef Betz and Daryl Boling.

Diana Ferrante.

Ben Thomas threatens Daryl while Jef Betz looks on.

Jef Betz with Daryl Boling (again).

Maduka takes a squib hit to the chest.

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