Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mars Needs Women, Drew Needs Pancakes

It's been a long week, but now we can welcome Emi Macuaga to the post-production team! Emi is editing Angry Planet. I know most directors seem to enjoy editing. I absolutely hate looking at the same footage over and over again. Hate. It. And I've edited four features and it's my least-favorite thing to do. Thanks goodness for Emi. Yay!

We delivered a new computer to her yesterday with a 500GB hard drive marked "0701 Emi Edit". I have a drive with identical data marked "0701 Drew Edit". All we must needs do is update projects and any new footage on both machines and off we go!

And that frees me to work on the teaser. Today is October 14 and the American Film Market starts on the 31st and Halcyon needs a teaser by then. Sheesh!

Wrap party on Thursday. Many Zombies will be had at the Zombie hut. Have I mentioned my pledge that "Never again shall I shoot a feature in 10 days"?

As far as I can tell the only advantage to Vista is that there's a little screen capture cut and paste application which comes with it which can be amusing. In other words, even with the extra RAM my big brother* bought for me, it's still not too great. The computer we got for Emi has Vista and Premiere isn't entirely happy with it. The scroll bars don't work well and the check boxes to show you only exactly named files in the "find" dialog have to be toggled off and then back on when finding multiple items.

And don't get me started about folder and file permissions. Oy vey. I finally figured out how to turn that off. I hate it when Microsoft tries to emulate the things that Apple does which suck (like file permissions). I guess the advantage with MS is that it is in fact possible to globally turn that crap off. (OK, here's a weird thing -- blogger won't let my make a link to: -- it would be funny to say that's because it won't like to msdn blogs but I think it's because of the .aspx).

I am amused by this war-like rabbit. I don't remember where I got it but likely

* David -- what is up with your website dude? You have no default index page?

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