Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oh Well

So after all that work on a teaser, the rep decided that none of the work was what they wanted and gave us a brand - new script. This is, of course, a different script than the last script they gave us.
And as it is, I'm the last person who should be editing the teaser.
So I've sent off a backup drive with 300GB of original camera data for them to make a teaser with using their editor(s) in California to make a deadline of 5 days from now when the AFM begins in Santa Monica.
And I've lost two weeks working on this stupid teaser which is time that would have been much better spent actually making the movie.
Our last picture was a bear to get started, but once we started shooting it went relatively smoothly. This movie, on the other hand, was relatively easy to start, but I've not been enjoying it since we started. And this fiasco with the teaser is just one more danged thing.
But that being said I'm afeared that we'll put this picture out there at the AFM and it won't look nearly as good and as cool as the movie really is. Or at least the movie in my head really is. The movie which I think we shot (but who knows? I certainly haven't seen it yet) is somewhat close to what theatrical pictures look like. Indeed, if it were a horror picture I would feel pretty good about the possibility of a theatrical release. But I am afeard that the "first impressions" of the picture at the biggest US film market will hurt the commercial prospects of the movie because it's unfinished. We'll find out.
Next time: nobody gets a hold of the picture before we're finished with it.

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