Tuesday, December 04, 2012

A post I should not make

I'm stoned out of my mind on antibiotics. I'm listening to old Heart. Specifically Rock and Roll. I just sneezed on my laptop creating a biohazard zone.
If you want the uncensored tenunaunakins of my mind as it drips into your mind that slapped upon a page black type on white and words. Symbols we learned as children. And I use them now.
Winnie the Pooh would be so proud.
Am I done arguing with commentators on YouTube. You can say anything you like about my ouvre but this: the actors and the scripts (except for Pandora Machine, that was a bit of a mess.)
J/ Thinking about Lily's bass sound. I think. I think cello. The bow draws across the strings. That is the bass
I actually forgot where I am for a minute there. Why is my screen turning blue. It's a good think I do not need to operate heavy machinery tomorrow morning,
Heart can handle Love Reighn o'er Me.But where is the bass?

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