Thursday, October 09, 2008

New Name

As happens with all motion pictures, there comes a time when someone decides to name it. Not the screenwriter. Not the producer. Not the director.

The distributor.

More than that, the local distributors in their markets have the very explicit right to name the movie whatever they like. For instance, our movie "Bloodmask"* (which was a name we never really liked), became "Millennium Crisis" (which was, to us, meh), which became "Biohazard 3077" in Japan (which we wish we'd thought of 'cause that name rawks!)**

In any case, we have a new name for The Uprising. Let me open up the envelope here to see what we've got...


The name of the movie is now:

Alien Uprising.



I also have some top secret artwork to go along with it. But our sales rep doesn't want the world to see it 'till after AFM. So the only way you can look at it before the American Film Market is to stop by the studio at Theatresource.


*The way we always refer to the movie is with its "job number" first. The job number of The Uprising is "0802" which means it was the second project to go on our job list in 2008. The reason we do that is because we know that the title will change, but the job number will not. So now the movie is "0802 Alien Uprising".

**We wish it were named that in North America.

***Now technically, there are no aliens in the picture. Unless they're all aliens (which is a possibility). Or, we're referring to the fact it takes place on an alien planet and therefore it is an "alien" uprising. We might be able to stretch into thinking that the Thing is, or is partly, alien, but we don't go into that. And technically, there's no "uprising" either... So... um... Alien Uprising it is!


Laura, Queen of Mars said...

And the connection to your choice of very destructive images is -- ?

Andrew Bellware said...

The cat is responsible for the train wreck. And for the names of all movies which begin with the word "alien".