Friday, October 24, 2008

Voyage of Discovery

Take this fun learning map quiz thing with the countries of the Middle East and Northern Africa. I actually took a half year in my social studies class in the 8th grade learning about African geography. I basically remember none of it. Plus, of course, half the countries have different names now. Funny, I don't remember us studying anything about apartheid. 

And I don't usually like rants, but Fuck John McCain (annotated) just keeps getting funnier as you read it. And unlike the Obama is a secret Muslim who will take away your guns and force Socialist Islam on us -type rants, Fuck John McCain has footnotes.

My sales rep is yelling at me for giving him all the camera data from which his editor is making dailies. I'm not so sure what I could have done differently. They have everything, they should be able to edit tomorrow. So I had a little drink to take the edge off.

I'm subscribing to this blog: Without Hot Air. I really hate when bad data is used even when it's in service of a good idea (like ecological responsibility.)

I'm blogging drunk. 

I've been accused of putting up nigh on 50% LOL cats on this blog. Lemme look and see what images I've saved for a posting such as now...

OK there. It's kind of a cross between the LOL cats meme and the naked women meme.

I'd have more naked women here but the actress felt uncomfy about my posting the images to this blog. I guess we'll just have to wait 'till someone does a screen capture from the released movie and posts it. The image will have mpeg 2 compression on it by then though.

I want a DSLR. I want it to shoot on an approximately 35mm-sized imager/chip. I want to use any kinds of lenses with it. I want it to shoot reasonably compressed 24p HD on it. I want to shoot f1.4 at 35mm, 85mm, 200mm, and a macro lenses. And I want a pony.


jengordonthomas said...

You can borrow my pony if you let me borrow your DSLR. deal?

Andrew Bellware said...

Neigh! Pfpfhfhfhfhfhhbbbbbbb [horse sounds]....