Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Time to Bore You

Out of your shoes.

First off: Maya produces an alpha for glows that is weaker than the color in the RGB channels, so that neither Premultplied or Straight work correctly in AE when importing a Maya image sequence. To adjust for this, Interpret Footage as Straight, then blend with the Luminescent Premultiply mode

Here you can read more about using Maya in AfterEffects (in .pdf format). Also included are tips regarding getting the Maya camera into AE.

Also, to run Magic Bullet Looks on an XP or Vista machine with ATI graphics cards (like a dual-quad-core Mac which you're running dual-boot with Windows), you need to download a special version of Magic Bullet

In the meantime, we have to shoot stills for the key art our new rep will be making. He wants pictures of all our leads. We have a gazillion leads in our picture but we'll start with Rebecca and Amelia and Maduka.

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