Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh Crap - Trajan (Fail)

I guess Bill Cunningham is right


One day I'll make a movie and the graphics people will say "This has gotta be titled in Trajan!"

But if people are complaining about fonts on Overheard in New York, then you know the end is nigh.

Tomorrow is the last day of what we might laughingly call "principal photography" on Alien Uprising. We are shooting a couple shots (at least) on Sunday too though.* Lots of goo is in the first of those shots so the setup will take almost an hour.

Maduka, er I suppose I mean Henry, has started in on editing the second reel. 

And I found out today that works with Macs now too. So you can have complete controlof your computer remotely. For me this would typically mean controlling renders and such remotely. This is an enormous deal as sometimes you need to be able to push the "render this over to this other drive" at 2am. Plus, too -- you can control Macs from PC's and vice-versa. You can control up to 5 computers with their free account. 

The dual-quad-core Mac is working really well (knock on wood).

*But that's under what we like to call "additional photography".

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