Thursday, February 03, 2011

How to be Passive Aggressive on Your Blog

And make your friends hate you.

Cage is now a woman.
Mooney got killed in the first scene.

Mooney's description now is more like Cage's used to be.

CAGE, weapons and ordinance specialist - a frightening tank of a man, a 240 pound killer - flexes his muscles; his left arm is a tangle of wires and hydraulics.
MOONEY - soulful - checks his weapon. MOONEY and CAGE exchange a grin, and MOONEY slugs CAGE's arm with all his might. Adding to the punch: MOONEY has two BIONIC HANDS. 

Tango is the radio guy. Doc Ponce is still the medic.

Although actually I'm not being passive aggressive on my blog, I use my blog to take notes. So there. 


joe said...

where are you going to find a 240 pound woman to play Cage?

Andrew Bellware said...

Makeup or CGI. I haven't decided which.

joe said...

along with makeup and cgi, i've heard that McDonalds works well, and is a tad bit less expensive. just some food for fat. is that the correct expression?

Andrew Bellware said...

Now Joe, you know as well as I do that there's no McDonalds allowed on set.
Chinese food only.

Daddy D said...


Andrew Bellware said...

Okay okay, maybe we'll have Italian one of the days.