Saturday, February 05, 2011

Tyrannosaurus To Do

So we have three, independent, yet somehow related, avenues of activity for the Mouse:

A. Make a record
1. finish recording little things which need to be recorded
2. find some money somewhere and go back to Trax East for two or three days and mix the album
2a. note the term "find some money somewhere". The "somewhere" is at present an unknown
3. release the album on Bandcamp. Maybe even CDBaby and iTunes. Win accolades and adoration of our fans
4. actually make a CD. That is, find money from "somewhere" and have CD's made.

B. Take pictures of ourselves
1. Rent and borrow groovy 19th-Century jackets
2. Take pictures of us looking very, very groovy

C. Play live
Here, shockingly, is going to be the most contentious part of the whole Tyrannosaurus Mouse Experience. I think that's because nobody believes me. But what I want to do is a big "show". I want:
1. A dancer who does the dance of the Seven Veils, or perhaps a fan dance like at the end of The Right Stuff, performed to our Arabesque
2. Groovy front projections on the band during all songs
3. Spotlights on soloists
4. An enormous Jabberwock puppet with glowing red eyes who appears and attacks the bass player during the keyboard solo. Bass player slays the Jabberwock with his vorpal sword.
4a. I'm not exactly sure what's going to happen when Ethan drops out to slay the Jabberwock. The song might suffer musically then. So perhaps the Jabberwock is slain by the bass itself. Or possibly a video of the bass player slaying the Jabberwock with his vorpal sword will do. Otherwise, we may need to find another way to actually slay the Jabberwock
5. A staff for Drew. Drew needs at least one person to hand him tuned guitars and make changes in the settings on amplifiers. That person might double as a puppeteer for the Jabberwock.
6. Really groovy clothes for the musicians in Tyrannosaurus Mouse. That means you, you, you, and you. See section B above.

OK, so I suspect you're saying to yourself:
  • That's not even going to happen once
  • Drew clearly knows nothing about theater. We're going to be in tech for three 12-hour days on that Jabberwock alone
  • Can't we just play in a bar?
  • Remember how we don't even have money to mix the album? How are we getting money for a Jabberwock?
These are wise thoughts you have. But remember that we can actually do this. Or, remember that Drew is tenacious enough to do this. Either way. And yes, some questions I can't answer -- like who is going to build and operate our Jabberwock.
Can we play in a few bars first? Yes! Absolutely! We have to have the appropriate clothes, of course (see point B), but we could just play in some bars.

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