Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The Bloggess tells you to buy jewelry from this Etsy store, Sandrandan Jewelry. Mindlessly do what the Bloggess says. Use the code "BLOGGESS" at checkout to get some sort of percentage off or something.
On Twitter I've been trying to keep new people from following me. Because let's face it, if you weren't following me in the first couple months I started Twittering, then I don't know you and you don't actually care what I tweet about. Unfortunately this has made the quality of my tweets, well, plummet. Right now I'm on a miniature baby elephant kick where I pretend that miniature baby elephants are all around me and doing miniature baby elephant things. Right. Exactly.


Jennifer said...

Like the ones who are following a million people and no one following them? I always make a special effort to report them as spammers to twitter.

But maybe they are secret admirers and fans?!

Andrew Bellware said...

That or they just really really like miniature baby elephants.