Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cat and Dog

The up-to-date guide to managing Facebook privacy.
A big issue for me with Google Chrome is that it has no provision for a master password. So maybe the Passter Extension solves that? I dunno. I'll find out.
Really? There's a book based on an XKCD joke? I guess. It's called Rule 34.
According to this review of Final Cut Pro X, you won't be able to export OMF files from the new version of FCP. That's a deal-breaker in our studio. It makes FCP X a complete no-go for us, we may as well switch over to PC's (again) and edit in Premiere (again).

Here is Sammy the cat snorgling up to Chien d'Or the dog. Chien manages to look put-upon all the time.

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