Thursday, June 02, 2011

Two Clowns Walk Into a Bar

So, apparently, I can't spell "bar". I always figured that if the barre were set low, it would be a lot easier. So what do I know?
I can't get Cherie Priest's "Clementine" because there were only 200 copies made and it's sold out. I suppose I could buy it for $75. Since the Kindle edition is only five bucks, that, er, lowers the bar for the price of a Kindle by $70.
So Prey is this thing which is free and will track your laptop or smartphone or whatever in case it gets stolen.
Downstream is a movie. It has heavy color-correction. I can't quite hear the dialog in the trailer.

Moviestorm is an animation/storyboarder/animatic-type program.


Chance Shirley said...

Or... you could get the Kindle edition and just read it on your iPhone. The iPhone Kindle app is pretty awesome.

Andrew Bellware said...

Yeah, I quit my iPhone for Boost Mobile's drug dealer phone of choice. Saves me about $60 a month that way.
The Kindle app on my dad's iPad is pretty sweet too.

Kangas said...

Wow, somebody likes 'em some Road Warrior! Where was it filmed? It looks like Australia to me...

Andrew Bellware said...

That or the American Southwest is what I figure.