Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is this a bit like stalking?

"Stalking" is a very loaded term. I prefer to think of it as "extreme liking".

So I started watching this series with a terrible name, "Peep Show". And I'm like, this is brilliant man. It's like 30 Rock meets Flight of the Conchords. So I go to the beginning of the series (because they're all available for free on Hulu) and I'm like, "hold on, this isn't funny at all". Then I realize that the later seasons are funnier than the earlier seasons.
I fink dat's cause the earlier seasons rely on that sort of excruciating moments-type humour (which The Office excels at) but that I don't find terribly funny. Later though, they go for more of that witty stuff-being-said (like 30 Rock) does, which I do find terribly funny.
Either that, or I'm secretly in love with Isy Suttie. Which isn't a shameful thing at all. Don't tell her though. I don't want her to think I'm a creeper.


Kangas said...

Why are they all looking into the camera when they talk to each's a little weird. There's a frame right and frame left for a reason, people! :)

Andrew Bellware said...

Yeah, it's kind of their shtick. The early seasons are the worst -- they actually use helmet-cams and the weirdest bit is whenever someone goes in for a kiss, you're the POV for a super CU of a blurry kiss...