Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Idiotman, the Dream

My sister left her dog here with me and some guy and I had to take showers and get dressed. Then I realized we had no way of taking the dog on the train.
We'd left the front door of my apartment open and somebody's cat just walked in, oblivious of the dog. The guy's girlfriend was arguing with him via chat on the computer.
But then a squirrel got in through a window in the dining room and the dog, who we had to walk because she really had to go potty, was chasing the squirrel.
what about the BEARS?
10:34 AM
How would I get my sister's dog (I actually wrote "god") on the PATH? We would have to buy a "service animal" vest for her.

I imagine you can't just buy vests like that at any pet store.
But it's a good plan.
Ros Chast is kinda babely

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