Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Today in Pandoralic News

The wonderful Bill Martell reads too many message boards.
The thing I find interesting about the way the big studios make decisions is that we have to make decisions almost exactly the same way. Actually, we have a bit more freedom than they do.
I was reading this blog on electrics and he mentioned the show Samantha Who? The idea of that show, a woman wakes up with amnesia and finds that she was a horrible person, sounds awesome. But it doesn't seem to me like a concept that would last more than a couple seasons. Which it didn't.
Today I spent half the day trying to make a shot in the movie look as good as it does in the trailer. Embarrassingly it's a visual effects shot matched to live action. So I learned how to make Blender bring in a plane with the correct aspect ratio as the image it's derived from. And then I learned how to make that plane play back a movie. But right now it looks like poo because anywhere I put this plane on our space station that looks like a window just doesn't work. So... there's that.

Plus we have to animate some dinobot action happening in those shots so I wouldn't be able to finish the composite today anyway.

But I've done a big pile of work on the mix of act 3 of Earthkiller. Joe Beuerlein did some most excellent sound effects editing in the picture edit and the gunshots are awesome. Actually, the version in Final Cut is better than the mix I'm doing -- I gotta do something about that.

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