Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sexy Jews

See Romeo and Juliet in Yiddish on July 8th at Lincoln Center! Written and directed by Eve Annenberg, who was in Apostasy.

The Legal Blue Book is apparently the thing that used to tell lawyers to double-space after a period. Now it's come around to telling lawyers to single space. Apparently the double-space issue in law is one that causes lawyers to initiate epic flame wars on message boards. This is all according to my niece.

By the way, since we don't use typewriters any more, you only use a single space after a period.

As a cranky, drunk, guy, I watched a little bit of Leverage (what is this, written for children?) the beginning of an episode of Burn Notice (does every line of dialog have to be on the nose?) and giving up I selected a free episode of Firefly and it was like being given a big soft comfy chair after people were hitting me with sticks. I know, I'm a fan boy. What do you want? Well, what I want is for the dialog to be off-the-nose.

I'm reading all about workers and the number of hours they work. Hey, I'm happy if I can get someone to work four solid hours in a day with no distractions.


Lindsay Stewart said...

that poor fellow's sideburns have detached. also, at first glance i though he was draping a tube sock on the nice lady's shoulder.

Andrew Bellware said...

Wow. That so does look like a tube sock. ;-)