Thursday, July 14, 2011


Apparently, owning Rockstar Games turns you into an ass. Why deny credit to people? It costs you nothing to credit people. It's just deranged and self-defeating behavior on management's part.
There's simply no reason to expect someone to stay with your company for their entire career. Not only is that bad for the employee, it's bad for the company. If you want to actively retain people, then actively retain them, don't threaten them with a lack of credit.
Besides, if you burn an employee by not crediting them, you're unlikely to be able to ever hire them again. Don't you think that one day you might want to be able to do that?


Anthony said...

This is certainly not unique to R* - it's fairly common practice. Although it does really suck. And I think you have the cause and effect in your first sentence backwards.

Andrew Bellware said...

If I become an ass, can I own Rockstar Games? ;-)