Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Plus mashed coffee

If you have the need, want, or desire, to make a page "auto refresh" you can past this into your browser's address bar:

timeout=prompt("Set timeout [s]");
function reload(){

Then you can enter in the number of seconds to go by before it auto refreshes. This trick comes from here. And yes, I'm using it in order to try to get on Google+. My question is: what happens when I do get in, and my browser auto-refreshes? Will it auto-refresh me right past my one and only chance to log in?
I'm watching this new show about (what I guess is the equivalent of) an Iraq MASH called Combat Hospital. I'm on the second episode. Some of their music choices are... weird. I noticed that in the first episode too. They cut the music in a scene about 5 seconds before the scene ended, which left the denouement of the scene kinda hanging. It wasn't really to emphasize a "button" on the scene, it just sorta ended early. Like they're using library music but their picture editors don't know how to cut music (picture editors as a rule can't cut music and also cutting music in a picture workstation is really obnoxious.)
I wish I could just take a number and get in line to get on Google+ rather than refreshing my invitation to see if I can get on. I don't even mind being number 999 and their only serving number 18. Heck, I don't mind if they just say "you can't get on until October 18th" as long as they'd just tell me. Why am I so eager to get on another big corporation's social networking site? Just because I hate the Facebook interface so much, that's all.

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