Monday, September 17, 2012

Clearer, Cheaper, Artistic, Selling

Kevin Kangas has a much clearer post on deliverables than mine (below).
One big difference we've found in the last year or so is that we're starting to be able to deliver on hard drives which, quite frankly, are cheaper than DigiBeta tapes.

Are you utterly fascinated by multichannel mixes like 5.1 and the like? You are. I'm re-delivering a movie so that the LFE channel has some material on it to make the meters dance a bit. This isn't an artistic decision, mind you. It's just to make QC.
You know what sells? Hard abs, hard drugs, and mentally ill people solving crimes.


Kangas said...

I dunno about CLEARER but I got you beat on "out of date"! Also, hard drives aren't yet cheaper than digibeta tapes, but TRANSFERRING them to digibeta tape...much cheaper. I assume that's what you meant.

Andrew Bellware said...

You're right -- DigiBetas are going to be around $60-$80 and although I try to buy 320GB hard drives with FireWire 800 for about that same price the tapes are a bit cheaper. But yeah, transferring them is another couple hundred.