Tuesday, September 04, 2012

In Space No One Can See Your Century Stand

Whose fault is this? Mine. It's all my fault.
In the last year we've been getting dinged more and more for quality control issues. Now the reality is that our markets have put us up against some multi-million-dollar movies. And this means that our QC is up against movies which have post budgets the size of houses. Big houses. Before the real estate bust. In nice neighborhoods. With good schools.
So we are completely capable of being hit with an astounding number of QC issues, most of which it's simply impossible for us to address because our budget levels are so far below the sorts of pictures they are used to.
Which isn't to say that there isn't any amusement to looking at some of the... things... we get on our QC list. Then again, I may be the only one amused.

We are to look at the following list as what not to do. OK, let's begin.

Embarrassingly, that's MY water bottle and gloves in the frame.  
Whenever stuff like gaff tape or gloves end up in a shot and nobody sees it until later -- we call those "a little victory for G&E." The distributors call it something less amusing.
I did a "garbage" version of this matte, intending to clean it up later. 
This particular matte was the subject of much argument and debate. But I got to go in there tomorrow and clean it up.
This shot is entirely practical. I don't know what the deal is with it. 
We even get dinged on stuff that's perfectly good -- because of course once you start seeing stuff you start looking for stuff.
Hair stuff. In space. You know, because they still need hair stuff... in space. 
Sigh. There were some things we just couldn't address. Hair stuff was one of those things.
The whole background does indeed chatter. I'm going to see what I can do to fix it.
I came up with a fix for the above shot of the Hercules. It's on my other blog. No, the other blog.
Oof. Yeah. Oof.


Aric Blue said...

Ha! I've actually had members of crew being seen in 1 frame. 1 FRAME! And the QC spotted it. It's an easy fix if you wanna do it, but for fuck's sake--it's 1 frame! 1/30th of a second. Nobody's seeing that shit.

Andrew Bellware said...

They go by frame-by-frame don't they?
On Alien Uprising they hated, I mean HATED, the strobe light we had in the backgrounds. "Picture density changes during shot." I think it the BS way they put it.

Kangas said...

Yeah, you know half that shit doesn't matter, but they wanna bill you to "fix" it all...